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Winning Beginning NY is proud to present the #ChildCare190 campaign.  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE CHILD CARE IN NEW YORK.

Join us every Tuesday this month by calling your legislator and telling them how important it is to New York to ensure every family has access to safe, quality, affordable child care.

We started last Tuesday when coalition partners made the trek to Albany to push for #ChildCare190 – a $190 million investment in child care in order to:

  • Implement New Federally Mandated Health and Safety Regulations ror Child Care Providers
  • Keep Working Families from Losing Access to Affordable Child Care 


Now we need YOU to keep the momentum going!

Call 518-455-4100 today and ask for your Assembly Member’s office

Call 518-455-2800 today and ask for your State Senator’s office

And tell them:

Hello, Assembly Member/Senator _____. My name is ______ and I am from _______.

I am calling to share my support for Winning Beginning’s #ChildCare190 campaign and urge you to invest $190 million in child care in the 2016 budget. This funding is critical so that tens of thousands of children don’t lose their current child care subsidies, so small businesses don’t end up bearing the brunt of increased costs, and to ensure every child in New York has a chance to succeed!

Thank you in advance for investing in New York’s children and families.

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